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Hey y'all! I hope everyone is doing good. Just want to send a shout out to everyone who continues to come out to live events, interact online, and support us in any fashion. You all are the heartbeat of our music, and allow to live in this amazing industry! Me and the band are currently working on the newest single! Here is a little info on the song. It's one that I wrote around 10 years ago, and even recorded it back then. It didn't make the last album, but I've always known this song has a certain quality to it that would allow it to become something special. Not just to me, but to many listeners. It's title is "Don't Think I Don't Love You". It talks about a man who loves his woman with everything in his soul, but just can't always find the words! And we are working on incorporating our unique, classic country sound into what we think will be a masterpiece! I can't wait to hit the studio and get this thing finished for y'all. And I personally look forward to seeing y'all at live events in the near future, and seeing what 2018 holds for us all!  ~TC   -Col 3:23

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